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martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

Vendetta FM - Discography

Vendetta FM - Discography

VENDETTA is a band of Hardcore / Groove metal founded in 2007 as a reference the underground in style now are in tour around the Iberian Peninsula presenting his Ep "fighting spirit" with bands like Sepultura, Madball, DAGOBA, Habeas Corpus , SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLICA, Lendakaris Muertos, Uzzhuaïa, AVULSED, NO TURNING BACK DEVIL IN ME, VITA IMANA.

This band uses many arrangements and thrash metal chord as well as from Hardcore Punk, also handled many influences from alternative metal with strong guitar riffs, melodic and torn voices,   unconventional sounds and  songs structures  in the traditional metal always approaches experimental nearing the called  Nu "Metal". some very similar galloping guitars parts are rescued from Extreme metal.

Alternative Links : "Inocencia Perdida" (2015):
"De Por Vida" (2013):
 "Espiritu de Lucha" (2011):
 "Maqueta" (2009):

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