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jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

POTEMTUM SATAN - Discography

POTEMTUM SATAN - Discography
Dream Black Metal/ DSBM From Colombia

POTEMTUM SATAN means "Satan all powerful". Dream Black Metal band, from Villavicencio city, Meta. Start in 2012  with Sergio Riveros in leader voice and barragán Gerson as guitarist. Initially being black metal, over time new post black metal atmospheres and ambient elements are implemented, with lyrics about depression, death and suicide. Lately Alejandra Mendez has been integrated as the female voice.
This First Ep named "Invierno" was released in 2010, the songs contains some preludes that make freshening the desolation of rain, thunder and sad guitar arpeggios, you can always hear some good cuts beats, with changes at a very rapid pace and moments without percussions which intervenes whether the voices or melancholic guitar notes. There are also some infernal guttural cries of lamentation simultaneously with a simple background chorus as songs like "invierno" (winter) and "Noche perpetua" (perpetual night). The inclusion of classical instruments like the piano stands in the sinister ambience as in the song " Oscura Agonia" (dark Agony ).

In  Depressives Posesión EP  there is a role of an execution and effects on guitar and electric bass (reverberation and delay) with high notes (Tuning in E) very similar to that used in some styles of rock like Surf Rock and Indie Rock, songs always start with a melancholy melody in guitar followed by a  suspense torn scream  that usually starts on percussion, in songs like "Cum in pars Vitae" (Detaching life)  and "suicide Anxiety" this start is with a freshening of rain.
The development of the song is usually with melancholy and indifferent singing with the occasional accompaniment and guttural chants and shrieks simultaneous  except for the songs "suicidal anxiety ' and "pars Cum in Vitae" where you hear simultaneously a woman choir with singing guttural, in thist last song a violin is used.

In this Ep named "Trsitii memorie" are appreciate guttural chants simultaneous to clean voices, the cries of wailing and shrieking that usually are used to initiate a change of Compaz beign part of the melody played on electric guitars, there are parts where enters clean and guttural voices in monodic and homophonic texture, the presence of female voices is shocking in songs like "demersum in Dementia" and "Through-Darkened-Skies". the song "Silentium" stands due has an interesting  appeased and quiet structure, with the accompaniment of a piano in a constant percussion of hit hat mid-open and in harmony with cries of lamentation  heared in the background.

Download Invierno (2010) , Depressives Posesions (2012) and Tristii Memorie (2014)

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