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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Xeven - Séptimo círculo

Xeven - Séptimo círculo
Power Progressive Metal From Argentina

The first album of the band was released on 24.06.2016 under the name Seventh Circle , an EP of 5 songs that was recorded and mixed at STUDIO V by the " Basque " Legorburu . Xeven is a band that was formed in late 2014 in San Miguel , Buenos Aires , Argentina . A project that seeks to achieve a new sound from the mixture of different influences of its members , ranging from a melodic Power Metal with very present keyboards and clean vocals to an aggressive Thrash with heavy riffes and growl characteristic voice , all with progressive dyes present in all compositions of the band . Download at Bandcamp (Name your price for support the band) or Download at

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