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sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

The Orchestra Of Dead Souls - Age Of New Energy

The Orchestra Of Dead Souls - Age Of New Energy
Blackened Experimental Metal from Russia

The Orchestra Of Dead Souls is one-man band from Novosibirsk playing cyber black metal . The project has been formed by Nikita Erermeev October 24th 2007 under the title Ioria as darkwave one man project. In 2016, the music of the project became more experimental away black metal to blackened doom and post-metal with more developed key scores. Style of new music linked early Ioria's lightwave/ambient, mid-years depressive suicidal/traditional black metal and late experimental black/death metal and is hugely influences by hardcore/stenchcore, doom metal and various anime OSTs. This peculiar mixture results in LP called "Age Of New Energy" and released September 30th 2016. This album main themes are alternative energy and new materials, scientific and technological progress, danger of quasi-scientific and religious obscurantism. Some lyrics have been written, but I decided to make this album instrumental. 

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