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lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

ChaveZZZ Reality - Spreading the Democracy

ChaveZZZ Reality - Spreading the Democracy
Heavy Metal From Russia

 SUNLIGHT REALITY was formed in June 2011 in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) by ex-members of a band Fall From Reality, which earlier released an album titled WITHDRAWAL (2009, Chaotic Noiz/Soyuz music). Fall From Reality gained recognition as one of the best Russian melodic death metal bands by performing numerous shows across Russia while touring together with various local and foreign well-established bands.

The current lineup of the band includes Vladimir (guitars) and Alex (drums) as the founding members. Vladimir took a leading role in composing the material. An old friend and collaborator (ex. Crownthorn, ex. IVO) Stas Verichev brought his extensive skills as a vocalist. Stanislav Stoupin (NOESIS - USA) joined forces with the band as a bassist.

Recently, the band has recorded their debut album titled "Through the Rings of Darkness" in NAVAHOHUT studios (Moscow, Russia). The album was mixed and mastered by Arkady Navaho. Keyboards on the album were composed and recorded by Artyom Nizhnikov. "Through The Rings Of Darkness" features 10 tracks of intense technical melodic death metal. Lyrics to the album was written by Vlad Tarasov. Vlad earlier wrote/contributed lyrics for other bands such as Fall From Reality and Crownthorn. Throughout the years the band members of Sunlight Reality also played important roles in these projects.

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