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lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Nevermore - Into the Black (1992)

Nevermore - Into the Black (1992)
Progressive Heavy Power Metal From USA

The Milwaukee "Nevermore", not to be confused with Seattle "Nevermore" or any of the hundreds of other Neveremores out there, was founded around 1991 by Matt Pawlak, Mike Griffin, and Dean Bosanko after the dissolution of the band Threshold.

The eight song self-recorded debut "Into The Black" was "released" in 1992, recorded with the lineup of Matt, Mike, Dean, and Ben Cofta on a 4-track tape machine.

After seemingly endless lineup changes, the band was stable for awhile after adding Jeff Koepp and John Pokrandt to founding members Matt and Mike. The band recorded two additional songs and played the local scene at establishments such as the Haven and T.A. Vern's until disbanding in 1997.


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