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viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

Mesa - Creation

Mesa - Creation 
Sludge Metal With Black and Post Metal Influences 

A special thanks to: Allan Castaneda for serving as Mesa’s drummer during the writing of this album, Sief Naber for recording, mixing, and mastering our album, A.C. Riddle for his wonderful art, Kyle Ferguson for his continued support of our musical projects, and our friends and family for supporting our endeavors. 

This album is dedicated to Daniel Smith, may you find peace beneath the pale of this blue, dimly lit planet.
released April 15, 2016 

Marie McAuliffe –Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Layout, Additional Art, Production 
Adam Heller – Backing Vocals, Guitar, E-bow, Synths, Additional Art, Production 
Sief Naber – Production, Mixing, Mastering, 
A.C. Riddle – Cover Art 

All music written by Marie McAuliffe and Adam Heller 
All lyrics written by Marie McAuliffe except on Eyes Like Blue Wisps which is compiled from Daniel Smith’s poetry.

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