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viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

Sledge - Get the Innsmouth Look!

Sledge - Get the Innsmouth Look!
Thrash Metal From Finland

An interesting take on extreme metal, fueled by hardcore punk influences. Expect the unexpected!
Sledge’s take on music is an entertaining blend of different and often surprising musical genres, which creates a unique cocktail of extreme metal.

Originally formed around 2008 in rural Ylöjärvi, Finland, Sledge started out by covering their favourite thrash-metal acts. The line-up consisted of Arttu Vuori on vocals, Jonne Savela on guitar, Markus Lahtinen on bass and Ismo Vuori on drums. At this time Sledge came up with their own material, but their sound was reformed when the guitarist Jonne Savela started composing songs with Jeremias Ryttäri, who would later join the band. After the line-up was completed to its current form in 2013, Sledge started rehearsing and refining their songs for their 2015 EP “Get the Innsmouth Look!”. The EP got a good reception among the small group of people that had followed the band, which further motivated Sledge to go all-in on the full-length album “Midnight Crisis Casino”.

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