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viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Doomain - 20:10

Doomain - 20:10
Epic Doom Metal From Italy 

The release of this demo anticipates the recordings of the first full-lenght, where Draugar (Cultus Sanguine/Khephra) will guest on the whole album as drummer. 
Doomain is a one-man band born in 2016 from the mind of Gore Soprano, founder of Danza Macabra (NWOBHM/Doom Metal), dating back to 1999. 
This "20:10" takes the ispiration by the most dark and epic Doom Metal from the 80's/90's, from bands as Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Trouble, Sarcofagus, Black Sabbath (Dio-era) and many others. Obscure, raw, cemeterial and epic Doom Metal. Rifftastic.

released April 4, 2016 
Published by Masked Dead Records on limited edition (50 copies) in mini cd format. 
Gore Soprano: guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming 


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