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jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

Hammer of Daemons - Hellfire ( beyond the iron curtain )

Hammer of Daemons - Hellfire ( beyond the iron curtain ) 
Thrash Metal From Germany

The story of HAMMER OF DAEMONS began in ancient times - 1979. Guitarist Klaus Bölke and drummer Harald Riemer decided to form a band. To this core duo rotated in the following years, countless other musicians, but of which no one could become permanently established. The "band" moved then often the name than many his underpants. Stylistically, the set list from the hard blues rock cover versions on hip Hard Rock Acts developed into NWOBHM. With the finalization of the name "HELLFIRE" and a stable line-up to the 1985/86 the basis of the song was created, with which tingelte the band later in the land. Klaus Bölke left in 1992 "HELLFIRE".
The band renamed itself then in "etenal QUEST" to and wrote a number of other songs with slightly modified style. "ETERNAL QUEST" was then finally in 1999 history as a founding member Harald Riemer left the band. The rest of "ETERNAL QUEST" then changed again the name and made as "ETERNAL BRAVE" continue to then finally dissolve in the noughties years of the new millennium. This chapter of the band would actually have been completed, not 2011 guitarist Klaus Bölke and drummer Harald Riemer in a supermarket looking for the latest salami magazines by pure chance would have run back on the road. At the meeting, both found that was still steam in the boiler and then decided "HELLFIRE" to resurrect the project again. In consequence, the single "NIGHTS OF VAMPIRE" emerged, on the two songs from the "HELLFIRE" were first heard in a quality phase, would have predicted that the not even dream the band in the good old eighties. It has now been achieved the two founding members of the ex-guitarist and ex-vocalist of Eternal Quest / Eternal Brave win for the project. Thus, one can already speak of a reunion. Unfortunately, the recordings of the complete album delayed, but in 2016 the time has come: The plate "HELLFIRE" always wanted to record - but never could see the light of the world. You Carries the name: "HELLFIRE (beyond theiron curtain)". The title indicates that the songs has arisen, so to speak, "behind the iron curtain" and even before the Wall fell. The renamed "HAMMER OF DAEMONS" done for legal reasons, since the name "HELLFIRE" already more than a dozen other band claimed world

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