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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Cruel Truth - Січові Стрільці (Sich Riflemen) EP

Cruel Truth - Січові Стрільці (Sich Riflemen) EP 
Melodic Death/Black Metal with Folk influences From Ukraine

History of Cruel Truth group begins with the distant 2008, when amateur rehearsal, covers of your favorite bands shifted to the creation of the songs, having the effect of a variety of styles.
With the development of abilities, skills developed and the group.

Members (founders) of the group:
«Hurricane» [Guitar], «Dredomt» [bass]
«Svyatogor» [guitar solo], «Puzo» [drums]
New member:«Erwind» [vocals]

The "primitive" conditions, putting a lot of effort in 2010 was recorded the first "demo" album with the participation of singer Maxim "Guzhan". For the team it was the brainchild of the whole, to absorb all the efforts, aspirations, emotions, interests.

It was not enough, the band has evolved, improved and skills the band members grew up. Ideas do not have time to put into practice .. So in 2012, coming to light full-length album "Mistetstvo vіyni".

In all the years of joint work group managed to perform twice on stage in his hometown. Implement it with the support vocalists Maxim "Guzhan" and Cyril "Vernigor" from "The Misanthropic Apathy" group.At the moment, unfortunately, the group is a studio project. It is hoped a meeting of the whole and the band's performance on the stage. Now at work recording a new album «Hurricane» and «Svyatogor» together with vocalist «Erwind» & Tchaikovsky RA

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