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sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Norep Aviv - El Demonio (demo 2016)

Norep Aviv - El Demonio (demo 2016) 
Stoner Doom Metal From Argentina 

NOREP aviv is a band of Stoner not pigeonholed in the classical style, giving way to the fusion of other styles and rhythms. Arises on the return of Satanic-Peronist national movement. After the substance and sound Thermidor necessary to bardear was achieved.

This is the DEMO debut of the band recorded live at Studio Bauhaus, which contains 6 songs, dated April 2016 recorded on 17 (day of loyalty) and October 18, 2015; mixing, mastering and additional voice recordings by Fernando M. Bozzini Studio Napal during the month of March 2016.
It was produced from substance gedencia and effort. THANKS SATAN! PERÓN THANKS!
released April 5, 2016 Charles (guitar) The cochinote (drums) The Commandant (bass and vocals) El Rama (guitar and vocals)

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NorepAviv Oficial dijo...

Thanks my friend! you are very kind :) we hope you all like it!

Hail Satan Hail the weed

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