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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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martes, 5 de abril de 2016

Ritos de Muerte - Rencor a la cruz (Ep 2014)

Ritos de Muerte - Rencor a la cruz (Ep 2014)
Black Metal From Colombia

" Ritos de Muerte" ("Rites of Death") is a black metal band that emphasizes his own darkness in a particular way and always manifesting its strength against the Christian dogma through feelings of evil.
Emerged in the city of Bucaramanga, with the alliance of Noire Perventor with its incessant way to invoke the dead through his guitar and his voice, Misht always unleashing Hellfire with the drums and "Rising fire" the bassist with his demonic tenacity to play at different speeds. These three cursed men  loaded with a heavy and destructive energy together in this devastation.

In this first EP "Rencor a la cruz" ("grudge against the cross") you can see a wide variety of guitar riffs expressing feelings of hatred, destruction, insane scourge and melancholy.
In the track 1 "el rencor mas grande " ("the biggest grudge") calm transitions (step by step) are heard, sometimes transitions riffs are made spontaneously in support of the change of pace from the drums as the track 3 "La Semilla del mal " ("The Unborn") and sometimes the guitar riffs and bass stop as if apparently had finished the song, but after the restart the riff silence of an explosive and aggressive form as seen in the track 2 and 4.

In all the songs dominates the style DSBM especially with regard to the guitars and voices, cases such as track 1 can be heard more forcefully and influences of the first wave of black metal, an innate connection listening to bands like hellhammer.  The work of "RISING FIRE" bass is notable due it marks  guitar riffs and maintains a guide to the songs become more bloody and furious, also accompanied each other in the intro of track 4, is also interesting mutual collaboration of Asmodeus bass  with the rest of the band on track 3  where is heard total control in the intermediate and transitions that are usually accompanied with percussion in marching rhythm and blast beat.
Throughout the EP voices of insatiable grief and perdition are heard, which become more raw and infernal when there is transition of calm rhythms  to  quick rhythms as you can see in the last part of the track 2, track 4 shows a good mix of guttural shrieks and growls.

This Ep is a gift of this rebellion from bucaramanga, only for true connoisseurs of musical genre, you have the opportunity to appreciate this work.

LA SEMILLA DEL MAL (Official Video)

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