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viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Godless - Beyond The Hate

 Godless -  Beyond The Hate
Death Thrash Metal From Venezuela

Godless is a band thrash / death metal begins at the end of 2009 as an idea between Carlos Pinto (bass / vocals) and Jose Barreto (drums) who saw in the area any grouping that characterize the genre as such is not developed. Some time later joins the plan as a fundamental part Juan Coronado and interpreting the first Guitar which gives the characteristic touch to the group. After the band armed with 3 members includes Jery Carrasquero in the 2nd Guitar. With the entire project numerous trials that led to the topics "Words of blood", "Beyond the Hate", "Godless" and "Gimme a Beer" they are made. The band has just initiated several presentations where besides the above issues have been interpreted covers that have been welcomed by the metal community. Then I joined the band to Jose Gerdel in the 2nd Guitar, who for personal reasons then retire, making Godless continue with a single guitar. Jose Barreto time after retires and enters as the new drummer Jose Flores and Luis Velarde as the 2nd guitar.

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